How many lumens does the tarsier have?

The Tarsier has 200 Lumens of light on the high setting, and 100 Lumens of light on the low setting

How many settings does the tarsier have?

We have purposefully kept it simple - full power, half power and off - no more toggling through rarely (if ever) used light options

How long does the battery last?

The battery will last for up to 3 hours on high setting, and up to 8 hours on the intermediate setting

when will the tarsier be available?

We are planning to launch our KickStarter campaign in September, which would translate to campaign close by November and 3 months to produce moulds and complete the first production run - February 2019!  If we get early funding success, we will bring this timeline forward.

what is the range of the light field?

The light field is good to up to 25 to 30 meters for non-reflective surfaces, and produces a much wider field of vision than a traditional bulb lamp.  Reflective surfaces, like trail markers, are visible much further away than 30 meters.


Why did you develop this light?

We found headlamps to have a number of annoying features - heavy battery compartments on the head, buttons that were difficult to locate, beams that didn't provide much use for close proximity viewing and crappy elastic that made for uncomfortable wearing - we believe the Tarsier has solved all that

it looks complicated to get the light on

After a number of prototypes, we have settled on a body-strap configuration which is both super comfortable, and easy to get on - you can leave all the clips attached and pull it on like a t-shirt, or detach one or both bottom clips to slide over your shoulders.  The shoulder straps are also detachable, so wearing the Tarsier heart-rate monitor style is also an option!

where can i find the tarsier?

We are currently preparing for a KickStarter campaign - so stay tuned for updates and we would love you to participate in our KickStarter campaign. 


what is the IP rating?

The Tarsier is designed to meet an IPX4 rating - meaning that it is designed to keep water splashes out, and good to go for night time activities in the rain, etc.  Just don't take it swimming with you!